Civil Litigation

The choice to file a lawsuit is a difficult one. Based on many years experience, and highly successful outcomes for clients, Lance takes an ethical approach to assessing needs and likely results to ensure a wise decision is made by clients with respect to the prospect of litigation. If a decision is made to march towards trial, clients find they are in good hands. Lance has over 19 years of experience litigating small business and personal cases in the Chicago area.

Contrary to popular myth, not every case requires a large litigation team. Assigning more lawyers and paralegals to a case does not ensure a superior result. The more the labor is divided, the harder it is for the trial lawyer to see the whole story, and usually, the trial lawyer who tells the most compelling and internally consistent story wins. Finally, the more people who work on a project, the larger the bill. For all of these reasons, bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to litigation.

Lance’s litigation practice emphasizes the following areas:

  • Partnership & Shareholder Disputes
  • Business Torts
  • Contract Disputes
  • Property Disputes
  • Foreclosures
  • Landlord & Tenant Disputes

Lance treats all parties and opposing counsel with dignity and respect—a path that consistently leads to favorable outcomes for his litigation clients. If you or a loved one has a dispute you would like to discuss with an attorney, call 773-469-1520 to schedule a consultation.

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